This secret paradise Island harbors a little secret which tourist love

These are the happiest pigs you’ll ever meet.  Allowed to roam free on these white sandy beaches, these amazing hogs have adapted to this environment (who would not) and get a chance to swim alone or with beach goers as they please.  The Island is nicknamed Pig Island and is located in the Bahamas.  Most visitors to these crystal clear blue waters flock to see  or swim with the pigs.

This one allows a Seagull to piggy ride for free.

While no one really knows how they ended up on the Island, one speculation links the hogs to passing sailors who brought the pigs to the Island for consumption, others believe that they were introduced as a business scheme to lure tourists.
They manage to survive on food given to them by local tourists.

To attract the hogs for a swim beach goers provide them with treats.

What a life!
More food!
Perfect waters.
Incredible swimmers.
This one poses for a selfie at no extra cost.
So if you find yourself in the Bahamas, don’t forget about this secret little spot.
And in case you don’t believe how great this animals are at swimming here is the video.

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