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Dog honks car horn when owner doesn’t return from the store...

Evolution is taking place and apparently making dogs smarter, watch as this impatient dog lay it on the horn requesting the owner's prompt return...

UNBELIEVABLE! Watch this dog jump higher than 12 feet (3.9 meters)

You've probably seen dogs jumping high, but probably nothing like this one, try outrunning this one over a fence.

This puppy has been thought well

This pup has been thought well and the only goal now is stealing her bikini to expose some boobs. Good boy.

Special gift makes Grandpa tear up

After loosing his wife of 63 years, and there after his dog, this Grandpa receives something totally unexpected from the rest of his family.

Pug wants to fight a police dog at a very inconvinient...

Nothing worse than having an unexpected element trying to barge on your business at the wrong time. This pug did just that by picking a fight with a SWAT team police dog while they were addressing a situation. While the pug was brave enough to do that, I'm very glad the way the officers handle the situation very nicely.