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Only in Russia, drunken woman asks two men to break her...

When a lady asks for a favor, as a gentleman, you oblige.  Naturally, when this drunken girl as these two Russian Guys to break...

Scared teen held hostage by man high on drugs

Crazy Russian man holds teen hostage using a knife, demands more drugs, police rush in and free the scared teen.  That teen will be...

Fisherman photographs some of the strangest sea creatures of the deep...

Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov enjoys photographing and Instagramming some of the most amazing sea creatures caught by his crew off the extreme northwest of Russia....

This is how the Russians commute to work

You've seen trains full of Indian commuters, see how the Russians commute to work.

Russian armed robber receives a beating after a failed carjacking attempt

Robber walks towards a vehicle with a gun pulled out, driver notices, gets out teaches dumb ass a lesson.

You litter in Russia and this girl will throw the crap...

Girl riding motorcycle picks up the rubbish she sees other people throwing out from their vehicles and throws it back into their cars. Some sort of a Anti-Litter hero she is, good work!

Just another day of bad driving in the Motherland

Well, that was close.

Russian police chase a large semi-truck loaded with cars, throw rocks...

When all else fails, grab a rock and throw it at the run-away car to see if that will stop it. See min 5:00.

Here is another WTF post: Russian tomb stones

Talk about wanting to show your shit even after you die.
Your typical Russian car

Your typical Russian car

Oh man, this is so hilarious. WTF, how does it even move.