If you think you have a sh!tty job, check this one out


    From the source: “Brendan Walsh – a professional diver in the waste water, which truly loves his job. It is covered with filth most of the day every day, but it seems it does not bother.  Brendan and his staff can not feel the odors that come down to the disgusting collectors, as they work in a fully enclosed space suits, blocking odor. “You can not feel any smell, the air is fed from cylinders. And if you suddenly feel some strange smell, then you have a problem. As we dive into the waste water, we have a fully enclosed rubber suits, each of which costs about $ 7,500. They last about 150-300 dives.Helmets that we carry, weigh about 11 kg, thus requiring a lot of effort just to get to the water. And if you fall in this outfit, you can get injured”

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