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Guy pulls vibrating panties prank on girlfriend while they meet his...

Well, that can easily be pretty awkward.  Should have just left the remote on all the time.

Eyebrow removal prank – too cruel but funny as hell

And just like that, his eyebrows are gone.

Prank- T-Rex scares the sh!t out of Chris Pratt

Who better to prank with a realistic T-Rex dinosaur costume than Chris Pratt.   Watch this hilarious prank.

Check out how strangers react when they uncover a stranger having...

Guys are rather curious when they spot this Guy having sex in the bathroom stall. Now check out how the women react.

Grandma scared crapless after shark attack prank

Grandma taps on shark tank only to have the Great White try to break-out of its enclosure and charge at her, she trips out. Best tank shark simulation you'll see.